Member Mosque
Golden Mosque Tahir Mahmood (Chair)
Bilal Mosque Mushtaq Ahmed (Vice Chair)
Central Mosque (ldara) Hafiz Abdul Malik (JointSecretary)
Neeli Mosque Zahir lhsan (Joint Secretary)
Al-Amin Jame Mosque Mohammed Dobir Miah (Treasurer)
Jamia Chashtiah Imam lrfan Chishti (Spokesperson)
Al-Quba Mosque Shaukat Ali
Dar ul Munawar Qari Abdur Rauf
Dar ul llm Mohammed Athar
Haderia Mosque Mohammad Ramzan
Haroonia Centre Hafiz Ali Asghar
Jalalia Jaame Mosque Boshir Ahmed
Al Furqan Mosque Abdur Rahman
Ghausia Mosque Talib Khan
Madinah Mosque lftikhar Ahmed Khan

RMC Advisors – 

                Cllr Sultan                                Ghulam Rasool Shahzad OBE                 Ali Akbar    

Future Plans

Having recently set up offices on Drake Street, we are now ready to move forward and take the RCM to its next phase. We aim to become a strategic local partner that will continue to not only serve the Muslim community but help to fulfil the wider cohesion aims of the Borough. We invite individuals and organisations to get involved in our exciting future.