The Chairman’s Introduction

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful,

It gives me great pleasure and honour to present to you this brief information booklet of the workings and achievements of the Rochdale Council of Mosques (RCM). Rochdale has a proud history of Muslims living, working and worshiping in this Borough since the early 50′s.

The town is now home to about 30,000 Muslims and no fewer than 15 mosques, 5 of which have recently been rebuilt from the ground amounting to an infrastructure investment into the Borough of approximately £8M. When others are talking about a town of deprivation and unemployment, we as a Muslim community need to reflect on our collective achievements as these buildings represent the best of our faith and community spirit—we should all stand together as proud Rochdalians.

Celebrating a decade of unity and working together, the RCM and its forerunner the Ruyat e Hilaal (Moon Sighting) Committee of Rochdale has not only stood the test of time but has, through its consensus-based approach, evolved in to a genuine and an inclusive platform for Rochdale’s Muslim community. I want to place on record my personal thanks to the lmaams and management committee of each and every member mosque for their commitment and untiring dedication for making RCM the success it is. I look forward to the next decade with much confidence and anticipation. May Allah (swt) guide all of us to do what is best for Islam and the Rochdale Muslim community and help RCM become an even more effective and professional forum.


Tahir Mahmood

Chair RCM